Saturday, March 31, 2007

How To Know Your Adsense Channel Code

Some websites that allow rotating adsense pub-ids might ask you for a channel code. A channel code is a series of numbers used to identify an AdSense Channel you have created. Here's how to know your AdSense channel code:
  1. Login to your Google AdSense account then go straight to Adsense Setup. Go to Products tab then click on Adsense for content.
  2. You may select either Ad unit or Link unit. It doesn't matter anyway for both ad types may use an ad channel.
  3. In the Choose Ad Format and Colors page, just click on Continue. Again, this doesnt matter if you're just up to getting the channel code.
  4. Create a new channel by clicking on "Add new channel". Enter the a short text that best describes where the adsense ads will appear. If you have previously created a channel and wanted to use it, just click on the add link beside the channel name.
  5. You'll be presented with the Adsense code. Look for the value of google_ad_channel for that is your Adsense channel code.
If you have other ways of getting the channel code, post it in the comments.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Create Photo Mosaic for Free

While searching for a good wordpress theme, I saw this linked from the comments of smashingmagazine. This website creates a mosaic of your photo or any image for that matter. A photo mosaic is basically your photo created from a thousands of small photos. Click on my pic on the right to see those small photos that composed it. Want to create your own photo mosaic? Head on to Image Mosaic Generator while it's free.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Please Wait ... Gmail is Nagkakarga

I was sending a webpage via Google Toolbar's Send To Gmail when I saw this. Wala lang, natawa lang ako sa Filipino translation.

How about "Nagloload..." hehe taglish naman. If you came up with a better translation, post it in the comments.

Duplicate Posts in Feeds

Last week I subscribed to GMA News' RSS Feeds from their website However, It was so disappointing to see a lot of duplicate posts, same reason why I stopped reading feeds from The screenshot above shows the same article with different titles and different landing urls. The timestamp shows that they have changed the title and republished it an hour after later. Today, I've seen around 20 duplicate articles of the 100+ feeds i've received. That's a lot of time to waste reading and scanning through the articles. Don't they have a system for reviewing articles before publishing it to the web? If they are very careful in delivering news on tv for fear of losing viewer interest, aren't they concerned of online readers as well? It's so comforting to read news right at your email or favorite rss reader. But what doing to their feeds is not comfortable at all. Grrrr!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Macedonia Becomes World's First 'Wireless' Country

Working with the Government of Macedonia and the private sector, AED has helped transform Macedonia, once the least developed of the Yugoslav republics, into the world's first 'wireless country' of its size or larger.

Now a vast majority—95 percent—of the country's population has access to wireless, broadband Internet service.

Through a grant from USAID, the AED project Macedonia Connects worked with a local Internet service provider to connect every one of the country's 460 primary and secondary schools to a wireless network. Two years ago most of these schools did not even have working telephones. Now each is outfitted with a computer lab, and the students are connected to the world.

That network became the backbone for the national wireless system. Macedonia Connects also worked to extend the reach of the wireless network to rural communities scattered throughout the rugged mountainous countryside.

"Our project team had the technical vision of how the network we created for the schools could be expanded to benefit the entire country," said Dennis Foote, vice president and director of the AED Center for Applied Technology. "We were able to make it happen through support from USAID's 'Last Mile Initiative,' which Administrator Natsios created to expand the access of the rural poor to communications."

The public-private partnership involved in making this exciting advancement possible includes members from the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the People's Republic of China, Microsoft, and Motorola. Microsoft provided valuable software packages and licenses to the government of Macedonia, and Motorola contributed necessary hardware.

"This infrastructure will bring in investment and create jobs", says Jani Makraduli, President of the Committee for Information Technology of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. "The benefits to the country are mind boggling. Already, private companies are poised to take advantage of the new system."

Another result of the Macedonia Connects project was a steep reduction in the costs associated with Internet access. According to Glenn Strachan, who directed the project for AED, there is now more competition among Internet service providers in Macedonia, prices have dropped, and "the Internet is accessible to students, teachers, and the general population, rather than just the wealthiest section of society."

Friday, March 09, 2007

Close Up Satellite Images on Google Maps

Super Close Up Satellite Images On Google Maps - For more of the funniest videos, click here

Google Thinks I'm Not Human

I was searching for this keywords: css submit button image when the page above appeared. This is the second time that I have encountered this. For sure I don't have any spyware or viruses in my linux system that's why this message is somewhat surprising. I've seen it before, but after a couple of minutes I was able to search normally. Maybe Google is testing something and soon will be blocking searches from infected PCs.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Long Weekends for 2007

2007 is peculiar. There are a number of long holiday breaks :

1. Longest Holy Week Vacation.This year's Holy Week is the longest because
Easter Monday is also a holiday because it coincides with the Bataan Day
(April 9, monday). Book your travel Vacation now during the Holy Week
Season: April 1, Palm Sunday and April Fool's Day to April 9, Easter Monday
and BataanDay. File your leave now for April 2, 3, 4!

2. Labor Day Holiday. The second long holiday is from April 28, Sunday to May 1, Tuesday Labor Day. You need to file a leave for April 30 but it will be a leave well taken. Boracay is the perfect place for this long weekend so start booking your hotel in Bora! Also, remember that May is an elections month so better take your vacation before the election on May 14, 2nd Monday of May.

3.Independence Day Long Weekend. Take advantage of June 9, Saturday to June 11, Monday (regular holiday in lieu of June 12). No need to take a vacation since this is a 3 day weekend. It starts to rain already during this time, but still a perfect time for the last minute summer getaway.

4. Ninoy Aquino Holiday. August 21, is a special holiday which falls on a tuesday this year. So you just need to take a leave on August 20, and you already have a 4 day weekend from August 18, Saturday to August 21, Tuesday. It is difficult to fly during this time since this is in the middle of
typhoon season. This is perfect time to start Surfing or White Water Rafting.

5. Halloween Vacation. Yes, another 4 day weekend without taking a leave. November 1 (Thursday) All Saints' Day is a special holiday and November 2 (Friday) is a Special non-working day (Proc No. 1211). So, take advantage of the Cebu Pacific Crazy Fares during this time from Nov. 1, Thursday to November 4, Sunday. Yahoo!

6. Eidl Feitre or End of Ramadan. This is usually in November but there is no date yet. Anybody knows when the end of Ramadan this year?

7. Christmas Season 4 day Holiday. December 24 (Monday) is declared as a Special non-working day (Proc No. 1211) and December 25 (Tuesday) Christmas Day is a regular holiday. So similar to last year, we have a 4 day Christmas holiday from December 22, Saturday to December 25, Tuesday.

8. New Year Holiday. December 29, Saturday until January 1, Tuesday is another 4 day holiday weekend. It is best that you just take leave during the entire last week of December so enjoy an almost 12 day holiday!

Here is a complete list of the 2007 Phil Regular Holidays and Non-Working Days...

2007 Phil regular holidays and non-working days
January 1 (Monday) New Year's Day (regular holiday)
April 5 (Thursday) Holy Thursday (regular holiday)
April 6 (Friday) Good Friday (regular holiday)
April 7 (Saturday) Special (non-working day - Procl No. 1211)
April 9 (Monday) Bataan Day (Araw ng Kagitingan) (regular holiday)
May 1 (Tuesday) Labor Day (regular holiday)
May 14 (Monday) National Elections!
June 11 (Monday) In lieu of June 12, Independence Day (regular holiday - Procl No. 1211))
August 21 (Tuesday) Ninoy Aquino Day (special holiday)
August 26 (Sunday) National Heroes' Day (regular holiday)
November 1 (Thursday) All Saints' Day (special holiday)
November 2 (Friday) Special (non-working day - Proc No. 1211)
November (no date yet) Eidl Feitre or End of Ramadan (usually in November)
November 30 (Friday) Bonifacio Day (regular holiday)
December 24 (Monday) Special (non-working day - Proc No. 1211)
December 25 (Tuesday) Christmas Day (regular holiday)
December 30 (Sunday) Rizal Day (regular holiday)
December 31(Monday) Last Day of the Year (special holiday)

8 Long Weekend Holidays in the Philippines in 2007 - Our Awesome Planet

Saturday, March 03, 2007

How To Add New Yahoo Emoticons to Gaim

I followed this guide from Daily Work in adding new emoticons to my gaim in my linux box. However, there are a couple of things that are not mentioned to get your newly-added emoticons active so here I'm trying to make it clear as much as possible. These instructions are for linux systems only, you have to find the counterparts of the directories mentioned here if you want to do this in Windows.
  1. Locate the smileys directory. Gaim has it defaulted to /usr/share/pixmaps/gaim/smileys/default.
  2. Download yahoo emoticons. You may use wget to download it directly to the smileys directory. Here are the yahoo emoticons pages:
    Yahoo emoticons filenames are in the series 10x.gif so make sure to rename it to yahoo_<desc>.gif just for the sake of uniform filename format as with the other smileys.
  3. Edit the theme file. You have to modify the file /usr/share/pixmaps/gaim/smileys/default/theme and enter the filenames of the emoticons you have downloaded and the character combination asssociated in each emoticon.
  4. Activate newly-added smileys by disabling your default smiley theme and re-enabling it. You will find it at Tools > Preferences > Conversations > Smiley Themes . Select None in the smiley theme selection then click Close. Open the Preferences again then select Default Theme to re-enable it. By now, you should be seeing your new set of smileys on the smileys window. Enjoy!