Monday, January 22, 2007

Rich Mom, Poor Mom

Residents of an apartment compound in Pasig filed a complaint against one of their neighbors for doing "unfriendly" acts to the community, aside from being a top suspect in a cellphone theft. The residents wanted that neighbor to leave the compound and look for another apartment somewhere else. During the hearing at the barangay hall, arguments are unstoppable, walang tigil yung nanay ng complained person. "Rich kami noh! Kayang kaya naming bumili ng cellphone na mamahalin. Bakit, kayo nyo bang sumahod ng 40 thousand?!!!", the mother shouted. Then everyone in the room raised their hands. She pretended to not notice the response and talked to a barangay official while they were raising their hands. She ignored it. Pahiya.

On Blogger Non Beta

At last, after waiting for 3 or so weeks I am now able to switch my blogger blogs to the new-out-of-the-beta version. I didn't notice any much improvements from the beta, except the capability to upload images, position the elements of your blog, and better html code generation of their wysiwyg editor. Hope to know you more Blogger, the final release.

New Year, New Blogs

I have created two more blogs, Txt Jokes for those who enjoy reading and forwarding cellphone jokes. Another one is for health conscious like me (wapak!) called Health Finds

Hope you visit my blogs frequently para ... may silbi naman yung pagbablog ko hehehe.